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Review on the Stockholm Fasching Jazzclub Concert

This piece written by Monica Mazzitelli was recently published by the important webzine JazzItalia. You can read here in English and in Italian

1900086_10152282314935929_955021283_nA convincing Daniel Karlsson Trio in Stockholm’s jazz temple
Huge expectations for this almost-debut gig of pianist Daniel Karlsson’s trio, probably the most legitimate heir of Esbjörn Svensson in the Scandinavian jazz scene. Actually, their musical paths did often cross as they also played for the same artists. Contrary from Svensson though, who had his own trio from the start, Karlsson has been more embedded in bands rather than going solo, starting with Oddjob, by far one of the most innovative and explosive bands among Nordic jazz.In fact, by coincidence, the very evening of this concert Oddjob won their second Swedish Grammy Award for their latest album, Jazzoo. Continue reading